Turnkey Project Management

Comprehensive Product Offering

We offer NSF-140 Platinum and Gold rated sustainable products with no limitations on styles or availability. The use of NSF-140 products can help achieve a LEED Design/Innovation point..



Our installers are trained and certified with over15 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide quality installation and enhance industry reputation.

Our Installers are licensed and bonded and meets all requirements. They have certificate of insurance and carry workers compensation, property damage and personal liability insurance.

Specifications & Design Support


In House Architect/Designer services

Reclamation & Recycling

Sustainability through Recycling

Delivery & Warehousing


We have a state of the art 3500 sqft warehouse with fork lift for free storage until the job is ready.

Product Care & Maintenance


Eliminate the need for traffic lane cleaners, de-foamers and rinsing agents with environmentally preferable cleaning solutions that will never leave a residue.

Moisture Testing

We specialize in Calcium Chloride test, Relative Humidity test and Chemical PH test for moisture testing.

Independent Inspectors


We can provide you with a complete inspection resource!! Our inspection team will give constant attention to your claims and consistently stay in communication with you for each inspection request.

Carpet Donation


If the Carpet can be reused and has some useful life than we assist you with donating the carpet to the charity.

Contracts (GPO)

We work with various Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) - an entity that is created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members such as

  • Premier
  • Amerinet
  • Health Trust (HPG)
  • Novation
  • NJPA
  • E&I

General Contractors

We provide resolution services to answer any questions regarding inspection reports.

We can also provide independent General Contractor for turnkey services necessary for construction of the project. Our General Contractor will assist with the following